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Where can information about granted licences be found?

Register of licences

Legal base

In Germany, the Federal State in question only grants the right to explore and extract free-to-mine natural resources. The right of disposal over a free-to-mine natural resource is designated as the right to mine, which can be requested from the mining authorities of the Federal States (read more on approval of mining projects).

Pursuant to § 75 of the BBergG (German Federal Mining Act), the mining authorities keep mining authorisation books and mining maps, in which newly-granted mining rights are entered (pursuant to the BBergG) or ‘Old Rights and Contracts’ are maintained pursuant to § 149 of the BBergG.

Public inspection of these books and maps was initiated within the framework of the implementation of the D-EITI. Since July 21, 2017 and pursuant to § 76(3) of the BBergG, the following information on granted and maintained mining rights can be viewed upon application to the mining authorities, (without evidence of a legitimate interest):

  • Owner
  • Extraction sites to which the mining right refers
  • Date of the application Natural resources extraction totals and granting of the right
  • Term
  • Natural resource(s) to which the mining right refers

Eine umfassende Liste mit Informationen zu Neuerteilungen, Änderungen und Löschungen bei den Bergbauberechtigungen in den Jahren 2015 - 2017 nach Bundesland kann hier eingesehen werden:
Daten einsehen

Eine umfassende Liste mit Informationen zu allen erteilten und aufrechterhaltenen Bergbauberechtigungen in Deutschland nach Bundesland kann hier eingesehen werden:
Daten einsehen

The competent authorities may also make this information directly accessible to the public and this has already been taking place for some time now in many Federal States – several states publish a transparent online licence cadastre (i.e. a land registration licence). Other Federal States are also planning to set up similar systems.

All hydrocarbon-segment mining licences in Germany can also be viewed in the annual publication ‘Erdöl und Erdgas in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland (Crude oil and natural gas in the Federal Republic of Germany) .

Example of an online system: the NiBiS map server

One good example of the publication of information on mining rights on the Internet is the NiBiS map server of the Lower Saxony State Office for Mining, Energy and Geology (LBEG). On this website, citizens can obtain information about 400 specialist maps on topics such as contaminated sites, mining, soil science, erosion, geology, geothermal energy, geophysics, hydrogeology, geologic engineering, climate and raw materials. With regard to mining rights, the NiBiS regularly makes the following data available for viewing by the public on the map server for the Federal States of Lower Saxony, Bremen, Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein:

  • Information about the licence holder
  • Coordinates of the licensed area
  • Date the licence was granted and term of the licence.
  • Type of natural resource

Mining rights in the NiBiS map server

Implementation in other Federal States

Other Federal States have also created online sites for inspecting mining authorisation books and maps. Examples here are Baden-Wuerttemberg, Berlin and Brandenburg and the Saarland.